EPC Service

        Here at Sol Mount Solars, we undertake the complexities of planning, design, logistics and grid integration and turn them into a simple solution that delivers maximum output, yield and income with minimum environmental impact. We provide support throughout all the steps of your project – from initial planning and extensive commercial advice to installation, operation and maintenance, using our industry leading expertise and the latest solar technology.


In short, our panels absorb the sun’s energy, then channelling it through discreetly placed wires to an inverter. There it is being converted to electricity which eventually powers ...


Moving to another location while being an owner of the solar panel, can seem a tricky business. But first thing you’ll need to do...


Even with renewable energy being much cheaper, than the regular electricity, it’s always nice to cut the end price even more ...

    Benefits of EPC Service

  • Complete project planning, support and realisation by Sol Mount Solars from start to finish.
  • Effective power saving action plans for your property.
  • Professional technical expertise.
  • Local customer advisors and technicians.
  • Matching quality products.
  • Comprehensive service, e.g. system inspections and maintenance.