Sol Mount Solars Pvt. Ltd. formed with a vision to solve energy crisis which is one of the biggest problems faced by developing countries like India. Due to our huge dependency on energy, there has been an increasing demand and use of fossil fuels. This in turn has been affecting the environment adversely. Therefore, to overcome this problem, a brand with expertise knowledge and engineered perfection has been introduced through Sol Mount Solars Pvt. Ltd. Our company deals with High Quality products which comply with Tier-1 classification, which in turn would not only produce maximum efficiency but would also help the environment with a greener, efficient and Sustainable alternate to fossil fuels. Sustainable products, Cleaner Management and Honest Services are the three pillars that form the roots of the Company’s vision and Mission. The technical partners associated with us have been in the Renewable energy sector for over 15 years which proves a strong technical and field experience that has been incorporated in the company.